Google Search Wiki

Google just added the ability to customize your own search results, including adding/removing things from the results list, and re-ordering the results based on your own preference. And, top top it all off you can add comments to annotate you own search results. Next time you perform that search all your modifications and notes will be there waiting for you.

Haven’t had a chance to play with this much yet as I just noticed it about 20 minutes ago. Already pretty excited about it though. It seems like something that once I’ve gotten used to using and have had a chance to grasp the ins and outs of could be quite useful. I do spend a lot of my day sorting through Google search result as it is.

It also appears that you’ll be able to see the notes and modifications that other users have made when performing the same searches as you. Think of it like Wikipedia where the consensus is that overtime if enough people look at a page and add their own knowledge to the page you’ll end up with something much more valuable than anything written by a single user.