Hit the Pavement

Last weekend I attended the Fashion Bike Ride put on by local Minneapolis designer Anna Lee of Ruby3 with Katy and my sister. Alice had brought her video camera along and the two of us were taking turns filming things en-route. At one point during the ride I was carrying the camera around my neck, periodically hoisting it up and filming my fellow riders.

Somehow, during the process without my knowing I had mistakenly turned the camera off when I thought I was turning it on, and continued to do so for a while afterwards. Every time I picked it up to film something I was actually turning it off, and every time I left it to dangle around my neck I was turning it back on.

Sort of a bummer as I didn’t get any footage of our ride along the Minihaha trail, but as an unexpected consequence I did happen to film myself crashing.

I was riding a long behind Alice, just a little to close, and when she swerved to miss something in the trail I swerved to avoid her, then swerved back when I got to close to the guard rail, and BAM! Placed the rear axel of her bike right into my front spokes and went for a ride over my handle bars.

I somehow managed to grab the camera and hold it off to the side in mid air, doing a belly flop onto the pavement. No real personal damage, just a couple of scrapes and a bruised ego. Couple of busted spokes, but no big deal there either.

The resulting footage is pretty funny as well, and Alice edited together a short clip with some of other random mistaken footage. Check it out. Best part is my bell ringing during the crash.

Hit the Pavement from Alice Shindelar on Vimeo.

Go leave a comment about it on Alice’s site.