Spam Appeal

One of the things I love about gmail is the great spam filter. As long as I remember to mark things that get through the filter as spam, there’s rarely anything that gets through it.

In fact, there are so few e-mails that get through the spam filter that are actually spam, that when one does I generally feel compelled to have a look at it, and see just what’s so different about this one. Which is how I came across this e-mail.

How to make your orgasms longer

This might just be one of the most attractive spam e-mails I’ve ever received. Alebiet un-usable, as it functions more like a postcard than an e-mail. If you want to visit the site mentioned you have to actually type the URI into your browser. Since it’s an image you can’t even copy and paste. Either way, I was kind of surprised by the actual design quality of this spam e-mail.