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Target Spot: Christina Aguilera

Checkout this killer add. Imaginary Forces & Believe Media have teamed with renowned comic artist Alex Maleev to create this stunning spot for Target. Unforunatly the spot is advertising for Christina Aguilera’s “Greatest Hits” release, though it’s easy enough to just press mute while you watch it.

2008 NY Times Election Map

I like numbers, no surprise there. Because of this infatuation with large amounts of statistical information displayed in interactive and well designed ways it should also come as no surprise that on election night I sit in front of my monitor and drool.

Birthday Cards

I was over at my dad’s last night, doing a little pre-birthday celebration, and my little sister Emma gave me two of what are undoubtedly the coolest birthday cards I have ever received.

Spam Appeal

One of the things I love about gmail is the great spam filter.

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