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These photos are of an installation I recently completed at the University of MN as part of a larger installation titled “Sensorama”. Although the gallery was only open for a couple of days, I have been invited to re-install the piece this spring during the Time and Interactivity Departments open house. More details on that when I’ve got them.

The Importance of Tangible Evidence

So it’s Friday once again, which means Saturday and Sunday are just around the corner. Combine that with the fact that the school semester is quickly coming to a close, and it comes as no surprise that I’m planning on spending the next couple of days engrossed in my studies. So, as a began to prepare for the fun filled weekend I did a little reflection on the previous weekend of homework and school assignments.

Birthday Cards

I was over at my dad’s last night, doing a little pre-birthday celebration, and my little sister Emma gave me two of what are undoubtedly the coolest birthday cards I have ever received.

Spam Appeal

One of the things I love about gmail is the great spam filter.