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Recursivly chmod all directories

find my_root_director/ -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;

Hit the Pavement

Last weekend I attended the Fashion Bike Ride put on by local Minneapolis designer Anna Lee of Ruby3 with Katy and my sister. Alice had brought her video camera along and the two of us were taking turns filming things en-route. At one point during the ride I was carrying the camera around my neck, periodically hoisting it up and filming my fellow riders. (Read more to see the footage)

Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed

Earlier this summer I traveled to Planefield, Vermont where I met my co-worker Christian and helped/witnessed him getting married. I apparently wasn’t very covert with my flask, I think this picture was taken shortly after the bride and groom rode off to married land on their bright yellow tandem.

Hello World!

As a programmer I can’t help myself, it’s an engrained reaction to start every foray into unknown territory with a simple “Hello World!” The simple “Hello Word!” application offers a quick and, usually, painless way for a novice programmer to learn the basic concepts of a language, and for the seasoned programmer offers valuable insight into the structure and syntax of new languages.


Meat Eater

I recently went to the Great Minnesota Get Together, with one thing on my mind. Eating.

Brain Not Found!

Middle of the afternoon and as per usual I’m plugging away on the development of this or that website. Nothing special, in fact if I remember correctly it had been kind of a slow day in internet-land.