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Can you hear this?

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

Is This Drupal?

As an avid Drupal user and developer I often find myself poking around on a website trying to figure out if this particular site was built using Drupal or not. Sometimes it is really easy to tell, the powered by Drupal, common login box, and certain themes are a dead giveaway.

Beard Hat

Me in a beard hat

Katy just got me this sweet new hat. Beard Head It kind of makes me look old and rugged.

BWCA In Winter: Sawbill Trail

BWCA in the winter. Sawbill Trail roadside

Just got back form a camping trip in the BWCA. Snapped this shot on the way in along the Sawbill Trail.

Google Street View: Always Something Fun

I would really rather not confess how much time I’ve spent over the last few years looking at Google Earth, and Google Street view. It is always fun when you come across a gem like this one though:.

Bush says I, Obama says Us

See what happens when I write a script to compare Incoming President Obama's inaugural address with outgoing President Bush's 2005 address. Maybe not all that surprising but still interesting. Complete with graphs, and a brief analysis.