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If running an SNES emulator on my iPad and using my iPhone as a controller isn’t a compelling enough reason for me to Jailbreak I’m not sure there will ever be one. More info here

Why I Like Open-Source

Challenge, mastery, and making a contribution. This stellar animation portrays exactly what motivates me to work on open-source projects.

DrupalCon San Francisco 2010

Headed to San Francisco for DrupalCon in a couple of weeks. I’ve never been to CA before and am getting excited.

You can get a record for just about anything

“Guinness World Records honored Schulte with a certificate last week for being the fastest person to use a yo-yo to knock coins off the ears of each of 15 people.” – via


Beatles Rock Band

Might have to get a copy of this game just to checkout all the gorgeous animation.

IE6 No More!

Yes, it is about time. Find out more