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Beard Hat

Me in a beard hat

Katy just got me this sweet new hat. Beard Head It kind of makes me look old and rugged.

BWCA In Winter: Sawbill Trail

BWCA in the winter. Sawbill Trail roadside

Just got back form a camping trip in the BWCA. Snapped this shot on the way in along the Sawbill Trail.



Mental note: Try not to look so absurd while snowboarding.

The Man Who Couldn't Cry

The Man Who Couldn't Cry: Inside Spread

I know Christmas is just a few hours away. But I want to add this to my Christmas list. Beautiful. The Man Who Couldn’t Cry

Back On Snow

Back on snow tomorrow for the first time this year. Headed up to Wild Mountain to help run a clinic for Blizzard where Katy, Alice and I are all teaching snowboarding this winter. Very excited!