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Image Handling In Drupal 7 Core

Yesterday afternoon I was given the opportunity to talk about some of the new image handling features in Drupal 7 at DrupalCamp Chicago. Overall the presentation went great, though it was a lot to cram in to a 45 minute presentation and probably a bit heavy for the end of a long day.

Drupal: A platform built on change

A rebuttal of Chris Wilson’s article on exclaiming the use of Drupal on as poor choice of messaging by our government.

Open PHP files with non-standard extensions in Espresso

I’ve been playing with the new Espresso text editor from Mac Rabbit a bit for the last few days, not sure that I’ll be switching from Textmate yet, but for a 1.0 release Espresso is looking very promising.

Is This Drupal?

As an avid Drupal user and developer I often find myself poking around on a website trying to figure out if this particular site was built using Drupal or not. Sometimes it is really easy to tell, the powered by Drupal, common login box, and certain themes are a dead giveaway.

Bush says I, Obama says Us

See what happens when I write a script to compare Incoming President Obama's inaugural address with outgoing President Bush's 2005 address. Maybe not all that surprising but still interesting. Complete with graphs, and a brief analysis.

Back on Snow

Back on snow for the first time this season at Wild Mountain and as a whole it was better than I anticipated. Read about the boards I demoed and what I liked and disliked about each of them.