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Back on Snow

Back on snow for the first time this season at Wild Mountain and as a whole it was better than I anticipated. Read about the boards I demoed and what I liked and disliked about each of them.

Back On Snow

Back on snow tomorrow for the first time this year. Headed up to Wild Mountain to help run a clinic for Blizzard where Katy, Alice and I are all teaching snowboarding this winter. Very excited!

Google Search Wiki

Google just added the ability to customize your own search results, including adding/removing things from the results list, and re-ordering the results based on your own preference. Looks hot. More >>

California's Burning

Some of the most mind boggling photos of the California wildfires I’ve seen. This one in particular gets my attention, something you would expect in a fallout video game or a post-apocalypse movie. Not real life.

Bike Hero

It’s like Guitar Hero, but on a bicycle. Complete with explosions, fire, cheering crowds, and little blinky lights. Check it out

Target Spot: Christina Aguilera

Checkout this killer add. Imaginary Forces & Believe Media have teamed with renowned comic artist Alex Maleev to create this stunning spot for Target. Unforunatly the spot is advertising for Christina Aguilera’s “Greatest Hits” release, though it’s easy enough to just press mute while you watch it.